eBook_Eliminate Marketing Inefficiencies

eBook_Eliminate Marketing Inefficiencies

  Eliminate Service Business Marketing Inefficiencies

Eliminate Service Business Marketing Inefficiencies

Your service business deserves efficiency in business operations and marketing, I welcome the opportunity to hear your sales & marketing challenges or inefficiencies [mannyo_linkedin(at)foundersunder40.com]. Specifically, I welcome tech b2b/b2c service businesses who want someone to take a look at their service business and bounce ideas. Thanks

Marketing inefficiencies is like sex with a pillow when two beautiful consensual women are ready to rock-your-world. Marketing inefficiency is doing Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Google ads and thinking that’s all the marketing you need. Marketing inefficiencies is following the crowd instead of figuring out what works best for your organization and customers. 



Insights To Marketing Efficiency

I bet you do know of a business today that does email marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing, video marketing, mobile marketing, event marketing, etc to get to quality-ready-to-buy leads or in some cases stay engage with their customers?
I believe there’s a high chance you said yes!

Do you know that most businesses still struggle with marketing even if they constantly measure, monitor, and adjust?

Do you also know that not many have automated their marketing effort, or adopted agile marketing, machine learning, analytic, data-driven marketing, predictive marketing?

Eliminate Service Business Marketing InefficienciesElimiinate Service Business Marketing InefficienciesEliminate Service Business Marketing Inefficiencies

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The root cause of marketing inefficiencies sometimes is not tools like social media or email, it is likely failure to address fundamentals.So let’s attack marketing inefficiencies however be prepared to handle new inefficiencies.

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